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Dr. Ioannis DIAMANTOPOULOS, MD, DAvMed, BrgGenHAF (rtd), FAsMA

Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist f. Clinical Director,

ENT Head & Neck Surgery Dept., 251 Hellenic Air Force General Hospital,

Clinic: 59b Porto Rafti Ave., 19003 Markopoulo Mesogaias

Tel. +30 22990 86331. Mob. +30 6983 509032.  email:  ioa155@gmail.com , URL: www.aviation-med.eu


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Our commitment is to provide superior quality healthcare in a modern, warm and personal environment. Our passion is to encourage you and take care of your health.


Laser and radio frequency surgery

The use of the CO2 Laser in some cases is irreplaceable in our specialty. In the atresia of the nasal funnels, many times in the surgery of the larynx (papillomas, tumors, laryngitis, etc.), in the surgery of otosclerosis (anabolotomy), but also sometimes in the surgery of the oropharynx.

But it is certainly, today, much less used since in many cases it was replaced in the last 8-10 years by radio frequencies. This is because they are much "kinder" to the tissues which they do not burn like the Laser. So in the surgery of the nasal cavities, in operations on the mouth (for snoring, apneas, removal of tonsils or tumors) and the tongue, in operations on the skin they have completely undercut the Laser.

The operations became more painless, usually no hospitalization is needed and the postoperative course is much faster.



Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is a great innovation in surgery for both the patient and the doctor. It is for a minimally invasive method (minimally invasive surgery) that concerns almost all branches of medicine.

Robotic surgery in otorhinolaryngology is the most modern way of accessing the oral cavity. The doctor uses small instruments and a camera in the oral cavity and pharynx - larynx, which he directs through a console.

The micro-tools used inside the oral cavity have a great ability to rotate and, therefore, quickly deal with the problems. The surgeon handles the operation through the control console, without intervening himself. The camera offers image magnification of the area of ​​interest and 3D imaging.


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Dr. Ioannis DIAMANTOPOULOS, MD, is an ex-military physician and Flight Surgeon originating from Hellenic Air Force. Before retirement, has held the post of Clinical Director (2008-2020) in the ENT H&N Dept. in the Air Force Hospital. He also specializes in Aviation Medicine and is certified as Authorized Medical Examiner for aircrew and air traffic controllers by FAA (USA 2009-now) & EASA (Greece/Europe 2004-now) and Civil Aviation Authority UK (1992-2004).






Dr. John Diamantopoulos - E.N.T.
Porto Rafti ave. 59b
19003 Markopoulo Messogaias


+30 22990 86331

Mobile: +30 6983 509032





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